ASP001: Introduction to aspiebloggen

This is the show notes for the very first episode of Aspiebloggen podcast. I don’t know what to include with it for now so here are some thoughts i had while editing.

When i say leave a note in the show notes i of course mean comment. Also when i finished the recording the timer really was over 18 minutes. I then edited out several minutes and still didn’t get all the pauses i made. Yep i still have a lot to learn about recording podcasts. Oh well it could have gone worse. I will most certainly stick to shorter podcast, below 10 minutes. Way to much editing needed for longer podcasts.

BTW i’m writing these additional notes while editing the episode. I’m at the 13 minute mark now. Wow 5 minutes deleted and it all was either silence, me clearing my throat or me making a mistake and having to repeat myself. And it’s done. Time to go online.

Regardless of how much you read about podcasting, it’s only when you finally try to publish an episode that you discover just how much work is involved.


This episode has been slightly altered to remove profanity and then reuploaded.

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