ASP004: Time management and should i use twitter


I should point out that a few days ago i started using twitter again. Well now i don’t read the tweets from anyone unless they tag me. I just don’t have the time or energy to go through it all. Yet i’ve seen comments from people that i missed so to avoid that i will keep an i on my tweets.

Also i no longer read manosphere blogs. I read all of Reaxxion until  i got to the post about it being shutdown but haven’t looked to see if it’s back. Man it has been so long since i recorded the episode that i had to read the show notes to remember what it was about. Hence all the notes for this episode.


Hello and welcome to Aspiebloggen podcast episode 4. I am your host Tommy Eriksson. In todays episode I talk about how i feel there never seem to be enough time to get things done and the upsides and downsides to having a twitter account.

This is the podcast where I bring you my views on things, in an attempt to let my voice be heard and to grow my confidence. For too long my voice has not been heard and my views are mostly unknown, but not anymore.

Most of what I will bring up will be about asperger and autism related stuff, but other stuff will most certainly be discussed. My website is at There you will find the shownotes for each episode as well my other blog posts. The blog itself is in swedish but this podcast and the corresponding shownotes will always be in english.

Now let’s get started.

Todays episode is brought to you by the letter B.

First I would want to apologies for not making a podcast last week. I have been preparing for a new hobby and that has meant a lot of reading. I spent so much time reading various websites about it that last week went by really fast and normally I like to at least have some thought on what I will talk about in an episode before I start writing a script and since I didn’t have time for that I opted to skip a week. But I wont do that again. Not doing an episode just made me question my ability to make podcasts and that’s not good.

Also remember how I talked about getting on iTunes. Well I kinda haven’t gotten around to it. I was going to but then ended up reading the options in Powerpress and realized that I have to write something good for the program subtitle and summary and then panicked slightly and then procrastination set in and I opted to not do it at that time and then time just flew away. I’m good at not getting things done.

But I really need to get on there and other directories, if only to get some stats. I tried getting stats from libsyn but that required a paid account and I thought the same about blubrry but it turns out I just missed the options to activate it. Ooops. Several weeks of possible downloads yet no stats to show for it other than AW stats which I don’t quite understand. Oh well I will just have to admit that this site sucks. Hopefully I will soon have the energy to fix it, but until that happens I will just have to continue pumping out a weekly podcast and possibly a blogpost every now and then. I will not however switch to more than one podcast a week or make it biweekly. That is just too complicated and not something I can manage.
So let’s finally talk about twitter. For the last two weeks which I spent reading up on the new crafts I will learn I took somewhat of a hiatus from twitter. What I noticed was that I could get a lot more done. If reading websites and creating a complicated spreadsheet about what to buy is what can be called getting things done.

Twitter is my main way of keeping track of what goes on in Gamergate so most tweets I get concerns that. But then there are the ones about the mannosphere. I read several blogs and one of them is Danger & play by Mike Cernowich. I also subscribe to his twitter. In fact his tweets and retweets take up most of what I read there. I have recently come to the conclusion that I simply don’t have the time to read his blog from the start. I have started reading it but doing so meant ignoring all newer stuff as well as his podcast. His podcast btw is nice evidence that you don’t need intro and outro music to make a successful podcast. Just voice is enough.
Although most time I have spent have been reading another blog called Return of Kings which I mentioned in another podcast. The founder of it also founded a gaming blog called Reaxxion that I really like. That is the only gaming blog I really keep up with because I simply don’t have the time to read more. There is only so much time I wanna spend reading stuff online.

And time does fly when you are reading blogs that are so frequently updated. I’m currently reading page 4 on Return of Kings and that might be page 5 next time I start reading. I want to read this stuff but time is so short.

I wish I had spent more time last year reading that instead of spending so much time on Cracked or KotakuInAction on reddit. I’m not saying reddit is bad unlike Cracked, only that it updates far too often for my liking, that is why I stopped reading it. I could get most of the same news over twitter instead which meant much less time consumed.

Granted twitter can most certainly be the same. I used to be of the opinion that if you tweeted more than 10 times a day then I would not follow you. Gamergate changed all that. Now I’m happy if some people tweet less than 10 times an hour. I have unfollowed people I liked due to this. Yet I only follow 15 people, one of which is the lander Philae currently shilling on an asteroid and a few others are accounts that haven’t been active for a long time. Yet there are people out there who follow hundreds or thousands of people. How on earth do they do it? They must be constantly glued to their screens and if they aren’t then they must be missing a lot of tweets. If they are then why even bother subscribing to so many people and how do they determine what to read and what to skip? I just don’t get it.

A part of me wants to quit twitter. I get too much content that way. Too many links to articles I wanna read which means that I must skip reading other things. I used to read news and Those blogs are about Lego. I stopped reading them for a while first due to lack of interest, used to hold of for a few weeks at a time, and then because Gamergate made me not have time to read them. Now I haven’t read them since about july and if I did read them I would feel stressed about not reading other stuff.

My days are like let’s read this and then let’s read that and oh look at the time, it is bedtime. The next morning I’m like ok should I read that. No wait I read some of that yesterday to let’s look at this instead since there should be something new. And repeat. Add to that the irritating inability of Polly, the twitter client I currently use to start again after being shut down. There are only so many times I wanna re-authenticate that program after each reboot before I get tired of it. I used to use another program called Turpial, apparently named after some bird from south america, but it stopped working for a while due to twitter switching api and now I think that the interface is just to clunky compared to Polly. That is too bad because I tried running Turpial today for the first time in about a month and it started nicely without needing a re-authentication. Maybe I should try to find some other twitter client with a small footprint. Many programs take up too many resources, that is why I liked these 2, they don’t do that.

While making the script for this episode I came to a conclusion. I will stop reading twitter, at least for a while. I read a blog called the Ralphretort and that will just have to be my main way to get Gamergate related news. The other blogs will have some more and that will have to be enough. Hopefully by doing this and avoiding old posts on the previously mentioned blogs I can catch up and perhaps get back to twitter in a few months. I was going to talk about how twitter was going to be my way of getting more social but I now realize that I don’t have the time nor energy to make that happen so for now I will stay away. I don’t even have time to comment on the blogs I read.

BTW please note that every time I make a post or podcast there will be a tweet sent out. Right now I don’t feel like going through the trouble of deactivating that feature just in case I decide to come back to twitter. But please don’t respond over twitter, I wont see it. Instead, comment on my blog over at The shownotes/script for this episode will be over at

And that will be all for this week, until next time take care.

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